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The name comes from the rapiere, the long light sword brought back by Monluc and his Gascon captains, from the Italian wars.

The Armagnac liqueur Pousse Rapière, which is made to an ancient recipe which is a well kept secret. The liqueur is blended with the Vin Sauvage, a Traditional Method Sparkling Wine, to make the cocktail Pousse Rapière. The Liqueur Pousse Rapière and the Vin Sauvage have the same extraction: the white dry wine from our Gascon hills is used to craft the sparkling wine as well as the Armagnac, then changed into liqueur.

For more than 40 years, The Armagnac liquor Pousse Rapière is the Traditional and Original production of the Château Monluc.


For a right proportion of the cocktail Pousse Rapière, mix one part Pousse Rapière liqueur to six parts of chilled Vin Sauvage Traditional Method Sparkling Wine in either Brut or Rosé to produce a cocktail of proportional and harmonious quantites.

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Photo Credit : Pierre-Paul Feyte

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FR-348.   Pousse Rapiere. Chateau Monluc. 70cl. 24%. Saint Puy. Gascony.  Sole UK stockists
The original famous Orange and Armagnac liqueur from the heart of Gascony. An excellent alternative to Kir or Cointreau. Try one part to seven with sparkling wine or Champagne. Probably enjoyed by the “Three Musketeers”.
Per Bottle £20.35                                          Per Case £244.20

FR-005.   Monluc Brut. Vin Sauvage. NV. Methode Traditionelle. Chateau Monluc.
These high-quality wines from Chateau de Monluc represent the very next best thing to real Champagne. Produced using the Champagne method giving good flavours and long-lasting small bubbles. Very well presented. Try it with Pousse Rapiere!
Per Bottle £11.65                                          Per Case £139.80
FR-007.   Monluc Rose Tuilé. Vin Sauvage. NV. Methode Traditionelle. Chateau Monluc.
Very elegant, smooth and fruity. To be enjoyed as an aperitif, through a meal or just for a special treat.
Per Bottle £12.25                                          Per Case £147.00

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Duck a la'orange

Duck a l'Orange - magret de canard pousse rapiere

Duck à l'orange is one of the best know classical French duck dishes. This is a simple modern take on the dish which just uses the duck breast and combines the cooking juices with Pousse Rapiere and fresh orange juice.


4 large Duck breasts
2 oranges, zested and juiced
1/4 cup good white wine
1 tbsp Pousse Rapiere orange liqueur
Salt and milled black pepper


Using a sharp knife score the skin evenly about four or five times which allows excess fat from under the skin to escape.

Heat a heavy based oven-proof frying pan.

Lightly season the duck portions on both sides with a little salt and freshly ground pepper.

When the pan is hot place the breasts in skin side down and cook for 2-3 minutes until the skin begins to brown. Don't overheat the pan as it will burn the cooking juices which are required in the sauce..

Turn over and cook for 2 minutes and then place into a hot oven 200C for approximately 8-9 minutes.

When cooked remove from the pan and keep warm to rest for about 10 mins, this will allow the juices to run and the cooking of the breast to even out.

Pour the duck fat into a suitable container and put the pan back onto the stove on a high heat, deglaze the pan with the white wine and let it reduce in volume by half.

Add the Pousse Rapiere orange liqueur and allow to boil add the orange juice and zest, allow to reduce to a nice syrupy sauce. (chef's tip; at this stage you can add brown sugar, and/or a drop of wine vinegar to adjust the sauce to your personal taste. A pinch of Chinese 5 Spice will elevate this dish to a new level).

Pour a little of the sauce onto the plate. Slice the duck breast 3 or 4 times on the angle across the breast and arrange on the warmed plates.

Nice served with French green beans, baby carrots, and either creamy mash, buttered parsley potatoes or boiled, quartered and sauteéd mini red/new potatoes.

You can also enjoy Pousse Rapiere liqueur drizzled over good quality Vanilla ice cream. For that special dinner party, add freshly grated zest and wafer thin slices of orange which have been candied in sugar. Just cut them thinly, pat with kitchen towel, dust them with castor sugar, arrange in a single layer on parchment paper and leave to dry in a very low, warm oven for a couple of hours.

recipes by webmaster and masterchef Andrew Taylor.

Pousse Rapière Cocktail, Magret de Canard, Duck à l'orange

Images and information courtesy of CHATEAU DE MONLUC 32310 SAINT-PUY FRANCE

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