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We are anxious to make our company the best Internet wine shipper in the UK and were are certainly reaching that accolade. We know that the only person who really knows excellent service and selection is you, our valued customer. So, we would like to hear from you. About anything: our service (was it good or bad?) How can we improve? What can we do to make shopping with Castang Wines via the Internet a truly pleasureable experience? What about our selections of wines and specialty products? What else would you like to see in our catalogue? Is our catalogue easy to read? How can we make it better? Did your purchases arrive in excellent condition, and as you expected? Do you like our website and did you find it an easy online experience? Let the Webmaster know.

We will listen to every comment and suggestion we receive. We promise we will respond to every letter or phone call. Our staff will discuss every suggestion and get back to you with a definitive answer.


'It is of far more importance to select your wine merchant than to select your wine, for a merchant with a reputation to lose will never give you bad advice'